Analysis of technical water in order to optimise operation and service life of your system and provide documentation.

What is technical water?

Technical water is water in technical installations such as boiler systems, circulation systems and production facilities. Technical water types such as feed water, circulation water, condensates or cooling water must comply with a number of quality requirements depending on the system in question and the type of water.

Analysis and control of technical water quality  

If the water quality is not satisfactory, you risk problems such as increased corrosion, deposit formation and priming in steam boilers. This may entail increased operation costs, operation disturbances and damage of the system. 

Thus, apart from your own daily inspection of pH, conductivity and hardness, a water quality check by an independent laboratory is advisable to ensure a satisfactory quality. 

Consultancy connected to our analysis of technical water

We offer consultancy services, where our experts within water treatment, materials and corrosion will evaluate the water quality and measures for improvement, if necessary, according to the analysis results at hand. 

We are an independent and self-governing company, and our consultancy is impartial, as we apply our knowledge without regards to facilities and chemical preferences.

Subscription agreements for systems with technical water

You can always send samples for control of the various quality parameters or call us with a problem that needs investigation. Furthermore, we have two types of subscriptions:

1) Documentation and control subscription

This is a subscription according to which the water quality is tested and documented at agreed intervals with samples that you take and send to us. This subscription includes:

  • The analysis extent is customized by our experts regarding the necessary analyses for the system in question
  • We send you the sample bottles at the agreed intervals
  • We analyse and report the results as accredited testing (DANAK accreditation no. 65)
  • The subscription may consist of analysis documentation only, but it may also include consultancy, if so agreed

2) Operation inspection and control subscription

Under this subscription, our experienced technicians visit your plant to perform the agreed services at the agreed intervals. The service is customized according to the needs of the individual plant/system and can include:

  • On-site analysis of e.g. conductivity, pH and oxygen
  • Sampling and fast analysis of parameters such as content of iron, silicic acid and salts
  • Inspection of facilitating instruments
  • Service of facilitating instruments, such as e.g. supply of reagents for on-line silica metres

Special analysis of technical water

We also provide specialized analysis such as e.g. microbiological examinations. This may be in connection with evaluation and remedial actions of occurrence of legionella in cooling systems. 

Facility chemical analysis laboratory


Chemical analysis laboratory

In our chemical analysis laboratory, we perform characterisation of all types of substances.