Non-destructive testing (NDT) allows for safe and complete testing of critical parts of nuclear power plants without damaging or otherwise altering the plant, which makes it highly cost effective.

NDT supplier in decades

FORCE Technology has established itself at the edge of NDT technologies, where our
P-scan system, together with other advanced techniques and methods, is used to carry out Non-Destructive testing of very complex structures in for example the Nuclear power sector on BWR and PWR.

NDT is in nuclear power plants performed on e.g.:

  • Piping components
  • Vessel welds
  • Vessel head welds
  • Nozzles
  • Concrete
  • Valves

NDT Techniques

NDT is a tool which ensures that structures, components and systems are safe and reliable. Each NDT Technique has advantages and limitations. To solve your specific need for NDT we find solutions by applying one or a combination of the following NDT techniques:

  • Digital radiography 
  • Eddy current testing
  • Eddy current array technologies
  • Film-based radiography (X-ray and gamma radiography) 
  • P-Scan system
  • Ultrasonic testing
  • ToFD (Time of Flight Diffraction)
  • Phased Array
  • CIVA simulation
  • Magnetic particle testing
  • Penetrant testing 
  • Visual inspection
  • Remote Visual inspection (AVT)
  • Tank-scan (MFL: Magnetic Flux Leakage test) 
  • Thermography

FORCE Technology has implemented CIVA simulation and analysis tool to optimize the development stage, this phase is in a tight cooperation with our customer, authorities and qualification body, to apply their requirements. Furthermore, we provide QA/QC services to ensure the upgrading in all stages to minimize the outages or turn around.