FORCE Technology develop tools for automated non-destructive testing of subsea structures whether it is monopiles or jackets. These tools are used for corrosion mapping, weld and crack inspection.

NDT testing of subsea structures

The automated solutions provide accurate and precise measurement and position data of the flaws in the structure, which is easily transferred to models for calculation of stresses and remaining lifetime.

NDT techniques

The NDT techniques used are ultrasound for inspection of internal and surface breaking flaws and eddy current for inspection of surface breaking flaws. 
The aim for the inspections are:
  • Corrosion Mapping of monopiles, transition pieces and jacket members
  • Inspection of bracket welds for load induced cracks
  • Inspection of node welds for service induced cracks
  • Inspection of structural welds for service induced cracks
Deployment of the inspection tool is dependent of the position of the inspection area. The tool can be deployed from the topside platform, by diver or by ROV.

To perform these inspections, FORCE Technology uses the in-house developed Automated Ultrasonic system P-Scan.