”Securing your structures” is the essence of our non-destructive testing services. Wind power inspection by reliable automated NDT inspection services can reduce costly repairs and downtime.

Solutions for production, inspection and testing

Early detection of production flaw minimizes your costs for subsequent improvements and repairs.

Substantial improvements in productivity and profitability, reduced material consumption and prevention of costly flaw, are just some of the benefits of FORCE Technology NDT Solutions. 

Wind turbine services

Services within the wind turbine industry are e.g. examination of blades and components with digital radiography or our in-house developed automated ultrasonic systems (P-scan and T-scan), or ensuring deliveries by client/third party supervision.
The most common testing methods are:
  • Radiography
  • Ultrasound
  • Magnetic particle
  • Liquid penetrant
  • Remote controlled visual testing
  • Phased Array ultrasound
  • Eddy Current.
We perform FUWI (Fast Ultrasonic Weld Inspection) on wind turbine towers and foundations with 100% documentation of all tests.

Authorities and classification companies

We fulfil requirements from the Danish Maritime Authority as well as requirements from classification companies such as DNV and Lloyds to perform inspection on ships and other marine installations. This includes all offshore installations and wind turbines.

Contractor inspection

If you are undertaking steel construction work outside Denmark, our qualified inspectors can carry out contractor inspection on your constructions. We offer single visits to your supplier as well as ongoing on-site inspection during the entire building process. This provides you with the comfort that your project is delivered in accordance with your specifications.

NDT online reporting service

As documentation of our testing and inspection work, an electronic report is issued and made available to you through our online NDT reporting service.