FORCE Technology provides inspections of online gambling and slot machines according to the existing legislation.

Inspection of online gambling and slot machines

Online gambling and slot machines must be endorsed by the Danish gaming authority to be legally offered on the market. The authorization grants your customers a guarantee that the gaming or slot machine operates correctly and generates the pledged winnings.

Inspection of online gambling and slot machines at FORCE Technology:

  • includes inspection of online gambling in preparation for certification & re-certification
  • includes inspection of slot machines in preparation for sealing and re-sealing
  • is conducted according to the existing Danish legislation
  • is based on more than 50 years of experience with inspections of slot machines and more than 20 years of experience with casino inspections.

FORCE Technology is an accredited body for certification of online gambling and slot machines in Denmark.

Inspection of amusement park machinery

Inspection and authorization of amusement park machinery is both a legal requirement and a prerequisite for you as an owner to run amusement park machinery. Furthermore, it is your guarantee that the machinery is safe and reliable in use and does not put your customers at risk

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