Type testing and approval of measuring instruments at FORCE Technology ensures distribution and application of your meter for meter billing in most of the world.

Type approval ensures distribution of your meters

A type approval is a guarantee to your customers that the applied measuring instrument complies with current regulations and standards for meter billing. If your meter is type approved according to current standards, including the MID (the European Measuring Instrument Directive) it can be used for meter billing in all countries acknowledging MID, which is Europe and most parts of the world.

Type testing of measuring instruments at FORCE Technology ensures:

  • type testing and approval according to the MID, EN-standards and OIML-documents, which allows distribution of measuring instruments in most countries in the world
  • type testing and approval based on the latest knowledge of legislation and requirements for measuring instruments
  • quick service and short waiting times at our laboratories.

Your guarantee of the highest level of knowledge in type testing

At FORCE Technology, we perform type testing of your measuring instrument according to national and international legislation and knowledge of the latest requirements for measuring instruments.

We keep our knowledge of type testing and measuring instruments at the highest level through participation in leading global organizations and fora within measuring instruments. For instance, FORCE Technology:

  • is the holder of the presidency of CEN/TC176, which prepares the standard EN 1434 for district heating and cooling meters
  • is approved to type test water meters according to OIML MAA R49 (EN 14154)
  • is represented in WELMEC, ISO, OIML and CEN.

Which meters can be type tested at FORCE Technology?

We perform type testing of:

  • water meters, cooling meters and heat energy meters
  • gas meters
  • volume Conversion Devices
  • systems for continuous and dynamic quantitative measurement of liquids other than water.

If you are planning to produce any of the above-mentioned measuring instruments, you need to perform a type test and approval prior to production. If you intend to import one or several of the above-mentioned measuring instruments, you need to perform a type test and approval prior to distribution.

In case of questions regarding type testing and approval of measuring instruments, please contact Head of Department Michael Møller Nielsen. 

Type approval and certification by FORCE Certification A/S 

FORCE Technology performs type testing of measuring instruments as the supplier to FORCE Certification. As notified body, FORCE Certification performs the final type approval of your measuring instrument and issues the type approval. Only a notified body can type approve your measuring instrument.

In practice, FORCE Technology performs the type test in order to find out if the measuring instrument meets the existing requirements and regulations. If the instrument is in accordance with current requirements, FORCE Certification is informed and issues the CE-marking, which enables you meter for production and distribution. 

Please contact Head of Department Michael Møller Nielsen to initiate type testing and approval of your measuring instrument.