The wind effect everyday life and designers try to minimise the impact when constructing a new vessel, building, bridge or offshore structure. With a wind tunnel test you can predict the wind loads and pressure and thereby optimise the design regarding the wind forces.

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Rendering of the new Champlain Bridge, Montreal, Canada

Test of new bridge cabel concept


A new concept for surface modification of cable ducts designed for the new Champlain Bridge in Montreal, Canada, has been tested in our climatic wind tunnel.

Ship models

Virtual hydro- and aerodynamic laboratory


New virtual laboratory is to ensure better design processes.

Digital twins making shipping more green

Digital twins – a step on the road to making shipping more green


Study of performance data and machine learning is going to improve training of captains.

Wind tunnel test, Team Danmark, Martin Toft Madsen, banecykelløb

Team Danmark runs tests in wind tunnel


Elite cyclists test wind resistance in our wind tunnel. The aerodynamic tests help improve the riders' performance.

Airflow around helideck

Helideck operations


A large number of offshore structures and vessels are equipped with either a helideck or dedicated winching areas for helicopter operations. The airflow surrounding these areas can play a significant role in limiting the serviceability of the helideck.

Windtunnel workshop, building design

Wind tunnel workshop


At a wind tunnel workshop we will address questions as where does the disturbing wind originate from, and what measures can be taken to improve the wind comfort?

wind tunnel vindtunnel, bridge test, vind tunnel test af broer

Visualising of a wind load tests


Wind loading is an important design parameter for all building structures. For some structures, the wind loading even constitutes the most important load scenario to be considered in the design.

Club La Santa pool area

Investigation of wind environment


In order to create the best possible training ground for their customers, the management team of Club La Santa is constantly looking for ways to improve the facilities.

Cruise ship

Wind comfort on cruise vessels


One of the main purposes of going on a cruise is for the passengers to be able to enjoy themselves in the open deck spaces.