Find possible measures for improving the wind environment at a workshop in a wind tunnel.

Despite buildings and surrounding bushes and trees, wind may still manage to find its way across an outdoor area, resulting in unpleasant wind conditions. But where does the disturbing wind originate , and what measures can be taken to improve the wind comfort?

Identifying scenarios wind effects and test them

At the workshop, the building design team and our wind experts collaborate on identifying a number of scenarios to alleviate the wind effect and test them on a scale model. The workshop is an iterative process where everyone can chip in with ideas so that numerous solutions and combinations of solutions can be tested.

Different wind-related problems can be identified at the workshop, for instance when the wind nuisance is reduced in one place, new wind problems might occur in other places. At the end of the workshop, the participating team usually decides on the most appropriate measures to solve the problems.

Get technical documentation of wind effect

Afterwards, technical documentation tests are conducted to quantify the actual effect of the selected measures to improve the local wind environment.

The effect of the selected measures can be documented by colour maps based on erosion tests. The colour maps are excellent for visualising the wind effect of the solutions, and they are a great decision-making tool for the design team.

Based on the technical report and findings from the workshop, the building design team can decide on the appropriate measures to improve the wind conditions in the area.

”The wind tunnel tests made us aware that our wind challenge is much more complex than anticipated. I can highly recommend others that experience wind problems to have a workshop in the wind tunnels. At best, have the workshop before commencing the construction work, so you have control over the wind environment beforehand,” explains Frederik Sohns, Managing Director of Club La Santa.

Club La Santa pool area


Investigation of wind environment

Wind tunnel test of Club La Santa's pool area indicates how to improve the wind conditions.