In the climatic test chamber, large components, structures and functional systems can be tested under realistic atmospheric sea conditions.


Demo testing of Volvo Wheel Loader
• Testing of product at low temperature (-20 °C)
• Over icing test using water spray
• Data acquisition

Testing of drones in Arctic climate conditions
• Arctic climate simulation
• Battery lifetime testing
• Performance testing
• Functional testing
Full-scale custom testing
• Corrosion testing 
• Realistic operational condition simulation (-35°C to +60°C, humidity control, salt spray)• Functional testing
• Product validation
• Performance testing
• Heavy, large scale product testing (maximum floor load of over 1000 tons) 
Functional testing of a Cooling system 
• Thermal stress test in operational conditions (from -20 to approximately +50 °C)
• System validation
• Over icing test using water spray
• Component function and integrity testing
• Test duration – 400 cycles, 7 days