Scandinavia's largest large-scale metal 3D printing facility for printing industrial components and structures.

3d print additive manufacturing metal print
The 3D print robot is the largest of its kind in Scandinavia. With it, FORCE Technology has the right tool to perform all the metal 3D printing tasks required by  Danish industrial companies.

Industry access to unique large-scale 3D printing facilities

FORCE Technology ensures industrial compnies access to large-scale 3D printing of metal components and structures that can be used for e.g. the offshore sector, the supply industry, the transport industry, the manufacturing industry, etc. - there are no limitations

The facility has the largest metal 3D robot printer of its kind in Scandinavia, and is unique in several areas::

  • Precision print of large components and structures, for example, offshore constructions
  • Equipment can be adapted to the individual component in size, length, and shape. In other words, anything from a storage tank to large wind turbine components
  • It can be used for prototyping, pilot series or remanufacturing of existing components
  • The machine can be fed material through powder or thread, and can laser and hybrid weld
Both 3D-print and re-manufacturing can help you save time and costs during design and production


Examples of 3D prints from the facility

On the application side, it is possible to print anything from ship engines to machine guns, or even bigger objects. 

Smaller components would typically be better suited for powder bed machines. In most cases, it is realistic to print anything larger than a coffee cup.

The robot printing at Lindø