Given the constantly increasing volume of data and the rate at which data is generated, the adoption of Edge Computing for processing it is a necessary step for industrial companies.

Industry has largely understood the value of data for improving the efficiency of time-consuming processes as well as for meeting growing expectations for real-time customer engagement and responsiveness.

Processing and analyzing data at the edge, close to its point of generation instead of in a centralized location e.g. the cloud, has the potential to provide better support to those processes that require low latency for timely insights, low data transmission costs, high security requirements and the ability to deal with unstable network connections and narrow bandwidths. 

This whitepaper addresses the growing interest and curiosity around Edge Computing in industry, providing an overview of definitions and unfolding its potentials and implementation challenges.

Who is the white paper relevant for?

This white paper is interesting for middle management in industrial companies dealing with technology-driven innovation in relation to either product development or production and supply chain control and optimization.


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