The application of IoT in “harsh” environments is not without challenges. Harsh conditions either prevent a device from functioning properly or degrade it too fast, thereby reducing its operating lifetime. So how to design IoT for harsh environments?

With the spread of the Internet of Things (IoT), “smart” connected products are being adopted in increasingly diverse environments and for increasingly diverse applications. These often imply particularly challenging places, where IoT can facilitate the monitoring of critical parameters and relieve humans from both expensive and dangerous jobs.

When designing an IoT device intended for a harsh environment, special design and testing guidelines thus need to be followed in order to make sure that the technology installation functions properly for the required operating lifetime.

This whitepaper addresses the need for information concerning the adoption of IoT in harsh environments, both unfolding the related characteristics and challenges and suggesting a set of guidelines, tools and approaches to address them.

Who is this white paper relevant for?

The white paper is relevant for middle management in industrial companies dealing with technology-driven innovation in relation to either product development or production and supply chain control and optimization and engineers dealing with the actual development and implementation of IoT devices.


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