Save both time and money with thermal spraying. You also minimise the risk of breakdowns and shutdowns of your production due to wear and corrosion of the surface.

Thermal spraying is a denomination within surface technology covering many processes, e.g. metallisation. When thermal spraying, one material is laid out on top of another. This way, we are able to modify the functional properties of the surfaces.

Thermal spraying has countless areas of application

Increasing requirements on machines, components, etc. create a need for developing surfaces for e.g. prevention of wear and corrosion. In this situation, thermal spraying is relevant, as this technology may meet specific requirements, e.g. for service-life-extending surfaces.

Thermal spraying is widely applied within almost all industrial sectors – such as the aviation industry and the food and energy sectors – and for countless items. Thus, the possibilities are many, and imagination is the only limit.

Benefits of using thermal spraying

Thermal spraying is a time-saving, simple and economical method of e.g. re-establishing broken down parts for ennobling machined elements and for corrosion protection.

Furthermore, thermal spraying holds the following advantages:

  • The materials choice for the surface is vast
  • May be applied to almost all surfaces, e.g. metals and polymers 
  • May be applied to finished surfaces
  • Usually no added costs for finish-machining
  • The surface properties may be suited and tailored for specific requirements, such as wear resistance and resistance to corrosion
  • Reduces the total price of the product/component, since the process makes it possible to change only the surface properties instead of the whole product altogether
  • May renovate worn and expensive components
  • May be carried out locally with mobile equipment
  • Does not result in heat-inducing material changes.

The common link is optimisation and prevention of breakdowns and shutdowns.

In certain cases, surface technology by thermal spraying may be the only plausible optimisation possibility, when factors such as versatility, mobility and cost efficiency form part of the equation.

Advanced equipment for thermal spraying

We have at our disposal state-of-the-art plasma and surveillance equipment, which will recount the materials condition during the thermal spraying process. Thus, you will get a markedly abbreviated test run of a tailored surface, and you will know very quickly whether the surface will last or not.

We provide test spraying and advice on thermal spraying. You may get a pilot production undertaken, as well as repairs or optimisations on single components or a series production. Our wide range of techniques may combine technologies for you to get a perfectly tailored product.

Solid experience and large selection of materials

Our more than 30 years of experience with the industrial application of thermal spraying is based on very diverse challenges in the industry. The solution is always found in close dialogue with you, and in consideration of the best possible result.

A variety of processes and equipment are at the disposal of the total industry, in our own workshops as well as through mobile equipment. With more than 100 different materials in stock, we may manufacture and test almost any surface on your component, very quickly.