We can make sure that your components and structures are manufactured in accordance with all current standards and also in compliance with all your special requirements.

Quality assurance reduces costly repair

Quality assurance delivers the correct product in the expected condition at the agreed time, place and price. 

You avoid costly repairs or modifications on site. You also safeguard against variations and unnecessary changes in design or during production, which can delay or increase the cost of manufacture.

By employing an experienced third party inspector provided by FORCE technology either at intervals or continuously during manufacturing - the quality of the production is ensured and errors are identified and corrected during the manufacturing process.

Technical expertise from start to end 

FORCE Technology provides technical expertise from the start to the end of wind turbine production. For example, we have specialist inspectors who inspect the welding of the steel and paint inspectors who assess all the internal and external coatings.  

As the owner’s consultant and representative on the production site we ensure throughout the project that the following factors are optimised: 

  • Product quality
  • Identification of deviation from standard specifications and manufacturing techniques in as timely manner as is possible 
  • Ensure standards, procedures and specifications are met
  • Precise and timely reporting on the project progress. 
We can audit suppliers before production and monitor when they are manufacturing. These services includes evaluation and, if necessary, revision of the sub-suppliers production facilities as well as examination of procedures and specifications for production and production control of the primary supplier. We can also perform random NDT verification of steel components and surface treatments so that you can assure the quality of the product.


We can participate in meetings with your suppliers worldwide. In these interactions, we can offer advice on the most advanced best practice, cost and time implications to provide the most cost effective product that you require. 

Many years’ experience with third party inspection

We can compile individual inspection programs for the project that are designed with the appropriate frequency and extent. This inspection will be married to a reporting system, which will allow simplified and more accurate tracking. 


FORCE Technology has been directly involved with third party inspections of manufacturing of e.g. components, process equipment and large structures and general surface treatment and corrosion protection. For many years, our experienced and certified inspectors and engineers have gained hands on knowledge from various projects around the world. 

Our experienced inspectors can have a background as welding technicians (IWT) or welding specialists (IWS), or they could have a wide knowledge of NDT (EN ISO 9712). Coating and surface treatment examination is carried out by NS 476 (FROSIO)-certified inspectors.

Contact us if you want assistance to quality assure the production of your components and structures.