We ensure you the necessary knowledge of the steel and other metals in your products in order to be sure that the materials in your components and machines do meet the demands. 

It is important for the manufacturers of components and machines in steel and other metals to know the composition of the material in order to be sure they correspond the demanded specifications.

If the alloy does not meet the demands it might cause withdrawal of components and machines, damages and other problems or in worst case accidents. 

Classification of the metal ensures the quality of your machine/component

We analyze and classify materials used in components and machines by destructive testing so you can be sure that the material is of the right quality.

Our alloy and chemical analysis experts are very experienced and have a highly qualified background knowledge which secures that the right and necessary sampling will be conducted and thereby the costs will be held at a minimum.
We use the following methods:

  • OES-analysis: optical emission spectrometry material analysis is a quick and safe method to classify the alloying elements and impurities in the alloy. Read more about the method behind the OES-analysis and its advantages.
  • XRF-analysis: x-rays analysis for classification of the composition of materials in all kinds of solid metals and metals in liquid samples fx painting or oil. Read more about the method x-ray analysis. 
  • SEM-EDX-analysis:  Especially advantageous at small samples. Typically the SEM-EDX-analysis will be supplemented with photo documentation of the examined specimen. This method is extremely often used in connection with special analyses fx accident examinations.
  • Wet-chemical analyses: Are often used only as an extra possibility even if formally they are the proper analysis methods. You can turn to wet-chemical analyses if nothing else is preferable. Wet-chemical analyses are used for all types of metals and can be calibrated with pure metals or solutions. They are also used for all test types and sizes.

End-to-end solution makes it easy and prompt for you

The time of delivery is short for many of our analyses. Very often you will receive the answer the same day we receive the specimen.

Our analyzing and metallurgy departments are working closely together which makes it possible for us to offer end-to-end solutions to different problem areas. This fact makes it nice and easy for you. 

Inhouse analyzing equipment 

With the equipment in our chemical analysis laboratory it is possible to perform effective metal analyses and this is well-documented through many years of workmanship.

The equipment is operated by qualified and experienced operators with great knowledge inside each analyzing area. Thereby we can compose the optimal analyzing solution and you get a total report and a prompt answer.