Consultancy on Danish and European chemical legislation, which help to ensure that you comply with the regulations.

Companies importing and producing products for the Danish and European markets, may find it difficult to figure out which chemical substances that are restricted/regulated in European and Danish legislation. 
Exampels on regulation can be RoHS, REACH (through restrictions and duty of disclosure of substances on the so called Candidate list in articles) as well as Danish special rules concerning phthalates, lead etc.

Chemical legislation under constant development

A constant development takes place within the area – new restrictions of chemical substances are added and the Candidate list in REACH is extended twice a year with new harmful chemical substances. 
Therefore, it is important for you continuously to check whether your products contain harmful substances to avoid withdrawal of products, negative publicity or other expensive cost-intensive consequences.

Survey and risk assessment of harmful chemical substances

We offer surveying and risk assessment of your products and materials so you are sure that they comply with applicable legislation and that you can document this to both your customers and the authorities.

We are experts on what different materials contain, whether they comply with the applicable legislation, such as RoHS, REACH etc. Therefore, we can also offer consultancy on which harmful chemical substances you have to pay attention to, and in which specific materials. 

For instance, we advise on the different substances on the Candidate list in REACH and which kinds of substances that could be found in the various types of materials. We ensure a quick and thorough check of your product including documentation so you get a good start.

Consultancy on chemical legislation supported with chemical analyses 

If you import products or materials which are to be sold in the EU, it is sometimes impossible for you to get a guarantee or documentation on the content of possible harmful/undesirable chemical substances from the supplier. 
In such cases, it may be necessary to carry out chemical analyses of the different materials so you know what they contain and thus you can document that they comply with the applicable legislation, for instance REACH, RoHS, Danish special legilsation etc.

Screening and analysis for chemical substances

In our chemical laboratory we perform all types of chemical analyses on both solid and liquid materials. Among other things, we can make a screening to find out whether your product contains substances on the REACH Candidate list. 

Chemical analyses of unknown materials start with an identification of the material type. Based on this, knowledge of materials and knowledge of regulations can form the basis of the more detailed assessments.

Through screening of the content of elements, it is often possible to prove that no critical amounts of certain substances are present in the material in question. Furthermore, an analysis towards the content of specific substances can be performed by use of advanced techniques and equipment, if required.