We analyze and characterize all solid materials such as metal, salts, fibres, plastics, paper, building material and paint. Furthermore, we examine biological materials such as plant fibres, fungus and microorganisms including moist and water-soaked test materials.

Testing and analysis of surfaces, structures, fractures, particles, impurities etc.

We have advanced analysis equipment at our disposal and specialists within almost all material categories. That means, we can characterize your material and give you fast and reliable results.
Knowledge about surfaces and materials is often an important requirement in order to ensure quality, function and reliability to your customer.  This is true for both new product design and development, as well as quality assurance and modification of existing products.

Together with the universities and the ESS Lighthouses:

  • SMART (AU)
  • Q-MAT (KU)

We act as a gateway to world-class large-scale facilities like ESS, MAX IV and EU-XFEL. That way we can support companies, where the requirements succeed the possibilities in the available laboratory instruments.