We analyse and characterise all types of materials using state-of-the art analytical techniques. This helps you identify problems and solutions.

Testing and analysis of surfaces, structures, fractures, particles, impurities etc.

Knowledge about surfaces and materials is often an important requirement in order to ensure quality, function and reliability to your customer.
This is true for new product design and development, as well as for quality assurance and modification of existing products.

Experienced specialists using advanced equipment identify and solve your problems

We have advanced analysis equipment at our disposal and specialists within almost all material categories. This allows us to characterise your material and give you fast and reliable results.

We help you identify problems and solutions, whether it is for an R&D project, quality control or root cause analysis.

We have expertise in and access to techniques and equipment, ranging from relatively simple light microscopes to electron microscopes and advanced X-ray and neutron analysis tools. 

Surface characterization methods and equipment