A cloud-based automated ultrasound solution reduces inspection times and makes it easy to keep track of complete production lines. You can be certain that your data is accurate, safely stored, and always available.

A cloud-based system, available as an add-on for our automated ultrasound inspection solutions, can manage all of your inspection data. It helps to ensure that your data is secure while saving you significant amounts of money.

The solution encompasses your operation's entire value chain, from ultrasound scanning of finished products to data collection and evaluation, giving you a complete picture of product quality at your facility. Everything is maximally automated and maximally secure.

FORCE Technology's cloud-based solution for automated inspections helps you to:

  • Save money by shortening inspection times
    Cut inspection times by up to 95% when a single inspector manages the ultrasound equipment. Our cloud-based solution can analyse data continuously using artificial intelligence, significantly reducing your factor's lead times and enabling you to rapidly ship products that have passed inspection.
  • Improved quality and automated security for inspection data
    An automated solution allows you to avoid the potential for human error that comes with manual inspection and evaluation. You can be 100% certain that the recorded data is accurate, and we guarantee that it will be stored securely and always available.
  • Continuous process optimisation across manufacturing sites
    If you discover a manufacturing error, you can quickly stop manufacturing and efficiently roll out new workflows across all of your factories. This significantly limits waste and minimises the risk of accidents or customer complaints in the future.

Our cloud-based inspection system helps managers to continuously oversee manufacturing operations globally. Data is automatically indexed according to user-specified criteria, such as factory, machine, date, fault type, and so on. This way, you can always document that your products meet specifications and live up to any customer or regulatory requirements. 

When scanning welded steel structures, the scanner automatically marks the locations of welding defects so you can repair them right away.

Even if you need to analyse inspection data manually, our cloud-based solution enables your staff to immediately access and analyse data from wherever they may be by providing global access to inspection data.

See what a cloud-based inspection solution might look like for your manufacturing operations

Demonstrations are always available for you to see what a cloud-based inspection solution might look like for your business. Contact us to see how quickly you can start profiting from this opportunity.