With X-ray and ultrasonic inspection, we can use data to visualise the invisible, ensuring that your manufacturing facility and product quality meet applicable requirements and standards.

Gain maximal insight into your manufacturing process and the quality of your products. With X-ray and ultrasonic inspection, you can always know whether your products meet applicable requirements and standards. If foreign objects are introduced into your products, you can detect them early and remove them before they damage your manufacturing equipment.

Choose from manual and automated X-ray and ultrasound solutions, including fully customised solutions, and add a cloud-based solution to ensure that you data is always secure and available.

Using our X-ray and ultrasound solutions, you get benefits like these:

  • Drastically reduced risk of manufacturing defects
    If you can continuously monitor your products from the inside out, you can find and address defects in the blink of an eye. This helps you to avoid customer complaints, unnecessary waste, and the need to dispose of defective products.
  • Insurance against damage to your manufacturing equipment
    Continuous, automated inspection lets you ensure that foreign objects and defective welds do not make it into your products, potentially shutting down your manufacturing equipment and costing you large sums of money. 
  • Documented product quality
    You can be certain that the quality if your products is fully documented at all times. You can guarantee your customers that their standards and requirements are met, such as when manufacturing piping for the oil and gas industry or for district heating. In these industries, improperly assembled products can have a severe impact on people and the environment.
  • More cost-effective use of personnel and materials
    By switching from manual to automated inspection, you can significantly shorten the time and manpower needed for inspections. The ability to look inside your products during manufacturing allows you to adjust tolerances on the fly and reduce your material expenses without compromising on quality.

Get help to see inside your products

Measurement data from our inspection solutions allows you to guarantee that your products meet applicable standards and your customers' specifications.

We supply X-ray inspection solutions for:

  • Piping: district heating, oil/gas, subsea
  • Insulation products
  • Wooden products: boards, MDF, particleboard, façade boards
  • Steel welding
  • Transport and conveyor systems.

Determining whether these products meet applicable standards, requirements, and specifications is impossible if you only look at them from the outside. For instance, all components of piping for district heating, oil/gas, and subsea use must be correctly orientated to allow them to be assembled properly, deliver the required insulation performance, and avoid environmental disasters.

Insulation and wooden products are made from small elements that are compressed to arrive at the finished products. Only with continuous X-ray inspection can you be certain that the material is optimally distributed, resulting in a homogeneous product.

Get a durable, functional inspection solution

You will receive a complete solution adapted to you and your team's specific needs and conditions. You can be certain that the solution you choose will be durable and functional. 

Our know-how is the product of more than 50 years of experience, and with over 1100 experts on our team, we have everything it takes to develop the perfect X-ray or ultrasound inspection system for your manufacturing process and your business. 

Are you running an R&D project? Do you need input and feedback?

We also regularly participate in R&D projects, offering input and proposing sub-contractor solutions for OEMs.

Contact us to find out what kind of inspection solution is the best choice for your business, or to request input on an R&D project.