Low-power, low-cost optical chips for applications requiring image sensing capabilities, colour, light and distance measurement, and motion control.

The ASIC department at FORCE Technology designs and sells low-power, low-cost optical chips for various sensor applications.

Over the years, we have developed image sensor chips and ICs for various sensor applications, providing low-power consumption, high sensitivity and fast image updates. The smart, single-chip optical systems we design have been integrated across a range of industrial environments such as IoT, motion and luminance detection, object tracking and data communication via RF links.

Benromach - a highlighy integrated System-On-Chip for vision application

We have designed a low power and low-resolution vision chip. A vision chip is very similar to a CMOS imaging chip, which is the main component of any camera.

A CMOS imagers task is essentially to convert photons hitting the pixel area into electrons. These electrons form a charge, which is converted by a capacitor to a voltage. This voltage is then being amplified and digitized, resulting in a digital grey value.

In a camera, the digital grey value is displayed on a screen to form an image for the human observer to see. In contrast to a traditional camera, the purpose of a vision chip is to gain a high-level understanding of the image.

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FAQ about the Benromach vision chip

Industry case with Gooee IoT lighting ecosystem within the Center of applied photonics CAF
Gooee IoT lighting ecosystem case

Selected cases

Gooee: The world's smallest sensor for LED

DELTA - a part of FORCE Technology is the provider of a major component of the revolutionary Gooee IoT lighting ecosystem, which provides unprecedented control and energy efficiency for enterprise lighting systems.

The Gooee system uses the world’s smallest sensor for LED, which features Artificial Eye technology by DELTA - a part of FORCE Technology. The sensor can monitor environmental, human and LED, including motion, direction, ambient light, LED colour temperature (CCT) variance and LED lux variance – all in a tiny 5 x 5 mm chip.

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O-Net WaveTouch Ltd. Underwater touchscreen industry case with FORCE Technology
O-Net WaveTouch Ltd. touchscreen

OPDI Technologies: The underwater touchscreen

DELTA – a part of FORCE Technology and OPDI Technologies A/S entered into a strategic partnership for the manufacture of an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC).

DELTA - A part of FORCE Technology helped in the effort to find customers and investors to make a brilliant idea become reality. The efforts paid off, with the establishment of O-Net WaveTouch Ltd. and in the spring of 2014, the first finished display module for a touchscreen that works when wet emerged.

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Adflo™ welding helmet industry case with ASIC FORCE Technology
Adflo™ welding helmet

3M: Welding Helmet

DELTA – a part of FORCE Technology has facilitated a technology leap by replacing the existing electronic control system by a product specific microchip, an ASIC, designed by DELTA - a part of FORCE Technology.

This chip and Speedglas™ welding shields with Adflo™ respirator from 3M efficiently prevent eye injuries caused by dangerous light radiation from the welding process as well as illness from inhaling poisonous welding fumes – and at the same time offer a high degree of comfort.

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