Our support vessel models are developed by experienced naval architects in close collaboration with yards and designers. The fleet covers tankers, tugs, supply vessels, barges and other vessels used within the industry. 

Highly realistic support vessel models

The virtual environment created by ship bridge simulators provides the common platform which can address the various stakeholders concerns and interests. This environment therefore provides the optimal approach to making qualified decisions which eventually will save costs, increase operability and reduce risks.

The fidelity of the simulator based approach lies inherently in the realism of the created environment. The visual environment is an important factor but the responsiveness of the vessel and the correct ‘feel’ are the crucial ones. 

That is why we base our support vessel models on the most reliable and accurate approach – a combination of physical model tests and numerical modelling – and consistently turn out models which replicate reality to the smallest detail. Something which we have done for more than 35 years and something which ensures that the mariner instantaneously feels familiar with the offshore vessel. 

Support vessel models

The unique fleet represents all common types of vessels which are ready to be used in our simulators or may be adapted to be so by utilizing our neurale network adaptation model. The vessel models represent the manoeuvring and other hydrodynamic parameters which characterize the actual responsiveness and performance of the vessel. For training purposes or in other contexts where the visual appearance is important visually realistic models are rendered.   

The vessels used in the simulators are developed by our experienced naval architects and represent state-of-the-art modelling technology.