Our X-ray measuring systems are build to optimise and document your production, reduce consumption of raw materials and optimise quality.

Improve quality and production

We have developed and installed many X-ray measuring systems that help secure optimal production, maximum production yield and optimal product quality. We configure the systems to fit and live up to your specific requirements. 

Our X-ray measuring systems are built to optimise your production and product quality, reduce waste and consumption of raw materials and to document production.

We develop X-ray measuring systems for:

  • production control in pipe production
  • quality control of welds joining coils
  • production and process control of materials or products moved on conveyer systems
  • production control of flexible or rigid polymer based foam

Furthermore, we are OEM supplier of X-ray based core components and system parts to different industrial sectors.

Find a measuring system for your production

Below you can read more about our different X-ray measuring systems and download detailed product sheets. Please contact us, if you have any questions or inquiries.

In-line production control of pipes (TwinEye, TripleEye)

Our X-ray measuring systems for pipe production lines improve product quality, optimise production, reduce production costs and provide you automatic product documentation.

In-line quality control of welds joining coils (AWC)

The automatic weld control is an X-ray system for in-line quality control of welds joining coils. It indicates risk of strip breakage caused by non-conforming quality of the weld.

In-line production and process control (X-FORCE-Scan)

The X-FORCE-Scan detects and identifies dimension, shape, area weight, density, quantity and invisible objects in products moving a conveyer system.

In-line inspection of flexible and rigid foam (PolyScan)

PolyScan is our X-ray scanner system for in-line inspection, density measurement and dimensional measurement of for example flexible foam or rigid polymer based foam.

OEM supplier

We are a leading OEM supplier of core components and system parts to instrumentation, system and solution suppliers operating in different industrial sectors.

If you want to know more, please contact us.


TwinEye X-ray measuring system monitors pipes in Brazil

FORCE Technology has developed and installed a TwinEye X-ray measuring system on National Oilwell Varco Denmark’s new production line in the state of Rio de Janeiro, which produces flexible pipes for oil and gas extraction.


Innovative X-ray measuring system for the plastic pipe industry

In 2014 FORCE Technology delivered a complete and innovative X-ray measuring system to an Australian pipe manufacturer. The system provides manufacturers of large plastic pipes with the opportunity to optimise their materials consumption and product quality


Another TwinEye X-ray measuring system installed at LOGSTOR

By developing, manufacturing and installing in line X-ray measuring systems on production plants we help secure high and uniform quality as well as productivity at LOGSTOR.


PolyScan ensures a good night's sleep

With PolyScan Dan-Foam achieved an improved control of their consumption of raw materials and got documented assurance that the density of their mattresses was as specified.