AM Link is a cooperation between the best 3D print companies in Denmark. This means that we hold the competencies to help your product regardless of method, test and material.

FORCE Technology's AM Link is a partner network that gives companies access to all skills relevant to 3D printing. It translates into freedom in design purposes, as printing method or material is not the limitation. Likewise, testing, verification and documentation are also part of the services.

International network of 3D print experts

Via our extended network of partners within the field of additive manufacturing (AM Link), we are able to offer access to experts within virtually any field of expertise within AM, whether it be 3D printing of intricate parts for medical implants, knowledge in materials, be it powders or wires or quality assurance using 3D GOM-measurements, CT-scanning or advanced ultrasonics.

FORCE Technology hosts the AM Link network of experts and serves as a hub for access to the foremost expertise to all aspects of 3D printing, regardless of printing method, material or technology.

The network spans expertise in plastics, composites, metals and even concrete, as well as expertise in the relevant testing methods and their shortcomings. A true one-stop shop for anything linked to 3D printing specifically and additive manufacturing in general. 

3D-printed model for test in the towing tank

3D printet model of ship
The first print of a ship model for testing the towing tank. The model is printed by our AM Link partner BLB Industries AB with a completely new material under development.

The ship models are typically 6-12 meters long and simulate the flow around the bow or hull.

The model in the picture is the bow of the KCS ship model.

Surface treatment with rubber using AM technics

Mask surface coating
We carry out tests of the surface coating as an alternative to a more expensive method with vulcanized rubber molding. The test subject is a 3D-printed ISO 16900-5: 2015 test head with rubber. The purpose is to achieve the same performance as with vulcanized rubber. The test head is used for testing face masks in FORCE Technology and is printed with FFF technology in a PLA material. With 3D-printing in FFF or other AM technologies, there is no need for an expensive tool.

Measurement system, 3D-print based on a CAD model

3D printed prototype of measureing system
This is a prototype of a CAD-designed measurement system which is then 3D-printed by AM Link for internal use in FORCE Technology. There are several 3D-printed components inside, but since it is confidential, we can unfortunately not tell you what it is or what it should measure.

AM Link can help you with CAD design, product development, manufacturing and / or consulting on prototypes.

Pump wheel, 3D-printet in nylon

3D printed impeller
Iron Pump contacted AM Link when they wanted to investigate the possibility of using AM technology for a pump wheel. Due to the size of the wheel, a large printer was needed.
After clarifying the requirements for the material, we recommended printing SLS print with the PA12 nylon material to ensure that the component was strong enough.

Peter Johansen, R&D, Structural Engineer, Iron Pump says: "We have been very satisfied with the whole process. There was fast delivery after the order was confirmed. The end result fully lived up to our expectations and there is a high possibility that we will use this technology and AM Link again."

Rapid manufacturing of test heads for testing of PPE

Scanned CAD model of test head for testing of PPE
There is an increased demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) due to Covid-19.

FORCE Technology is an accredited test laboratory for PPE and performs a large number of tests on all kinds of face masks. The actual test of the face masks consists of several tests, one of which is performed on test heads that "breathe".

To meet the demand for more tests, we have helped our colleagues in the test department to ensure more "test heads". But what do you do when you do not have a CAD file? You contact AM Link, who via our partner (3D Printhuset A / S) can have the test head scanned in a few hours and a CAD file created, so we can print and deliver more test heads!