Listen to auralisations of road traffic noise. You can hear the effect of noise barriers and noise reducing road surfaces among other things.

In order to get full benefits of the auralisations we suggest you follow the guide below to get the correct audio volume in your playback system:

To collect the audio files using these links you’ll be directed to a special website (SeneseLabOnline), which is able to play audio files. Sometimes it doesn’t work in all browsers, but Safari, Chrome and the latest Internet Explorer ought to work.

The sound level of your playback system (PC, tablet, or smartphone) can be adjusted using a speech sound file. The sound file will be played when you press “Level adjustment”. Adjust the level so it sounds like a person speaking at normal volume one meter in front of you. You can compare it to a real person speaking at a meter’s distance.

You may have to adjust the level a couple of times before you’re confident the level is right.

In order to get the most out of the auralisations you should do the following:

  1. Read the prerequisites below. You get the full information on the different situations (traffic flow, type of road etc.) in the grey tabs below.
  2. Adjust the “playback level” as described to get the correct volume in your headset.
  3. Listen to the auralisations by clicking the appropriate text in box. When the sound files are loaded into your browser you can instantly switch between different sound files – which makes differences appear immediately.
Note: Loading the sound files may take a while – depending on the speed of your internet.

Please note: This page is subject to frequent updates due to new auralisations.

We hope you’ll enjoy the auralisations!

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