It is important that power plants run as efficiently as possible as an unnecessary shutdown could be extremely cost-intensive.

Information about coronavirus in relation to courses, events, etc.

At FORCE Technology, we follow the authorities' recommendations and do everything possible to minimize the spread of Covid-19 (coronavirus). This means that we take a number of precautions in our daily lives, which also affect our courses, events, clubs and networks.

Planned courses, events etc. which cannot be held in accordance with the recommendations from the authorities, will, as far as possible, be conducted online. Where this is not an option, we will rebook for a later date. If you have already registered for a course or event, you will be notified by e-mail.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Learn more about boiler system maintenance, focusing mainly on materials corrosion and corrosion preventive measures.

Furthermore, you may acquire an informative understanding of cooling with seawater, fresh water as well as water treatment in technical systems.

Our programme also includes offshore installations, and you will learn how to avoid the material degradation in a Sea environment.