Get help to ensure your wireless products and IoT systems comply with all regulatory requirements, standards and specifications.

Regulatory complexity in the wireless market can be hard to decipher

Legal requirements for wireless products often vary across individual market segments, technologies, and countries. At the same time, the functionality may be challenged by issues like antenna design, range, blocking communication and interference.

Get accredited testing of your IoT and wireless products

Our specialists can assist you with various tests, including accredited ones. We offer performance testing of coverage, disturbances and robustness against wireless systems such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, electromagnetic field levels, antenna design, hardware and software.

One-stop shop for successful implementation of wireless technology

Our widely recognised and respected test services ensure the successful performance and use of wireless technology regardless of customer segment, geographical area and applied technology. Get all necessary tests and approvals through one project manager who is your go-to person for all the tasks you need to do.

Several locations enable easy access and visits

We are a leading technological service company and carry out wireless tests at several locations in Denmark. Get in touch to find out how and where we can help you test your wireless products and IoT systems.