All manufacturers must consider electrical safety as an essential part of their product approval process.

There are legal requirements to ensure that electrical and electronic products are safe in use

Manufacturers of electrical and electronic products are required to prove that the marketed products meet all applicable safety requirements according to the relevant directive such as the Low Voltage Directive, electrical safety requirements in the Medical Device Directive, the Machinery Directive, the Radio Equipment Directive or, if no other directives apply, the General Product Safety Directive (GPSD).

Why test at FORCE Technology?

At FORCE Technology you can get all necessary tests and approvals in our “one-stop-shop”, handled by one project manager. We conduct electrical safety testing while your EMC test is in process.

We offer small workshops customised for your product, do-it-yourself test facilities including support from an in-house specialist as well as accredited tests and IECEE CB Scheme certified reports on both EMC and electrical safety tests.

We are one of Scandinavia’s leading technological service companies and carry out electrical safety tests on several locations in Denmark, enabling you to visit us near your own company location.

FORCE Technology is a trusted partner with Eurofins | MET Labs and we thereby offer access to the world’s oldest NRTL safety mark, the MET-mark. MET-marking is based directly on our test reports and therefore no further testing is required elsewhere. We conduct the factory inspections with our own staff in Denmark and surrounding areas, so you will be met by a colleague with understanding about your company and your product, when receiving visits.