Electrical safety is a significant part of the product approval process for every manufacturer. Centralised testing and approval improve access to the market.

Regulatory requirements concerning electrical safety

Electrical safety approval is required for all electronic products by law.

The applicable requirements for approval may come from the Low Voltage Directive (LVD), the electrical safety requirements in the Medical Device Regulation (MDR), the Machinery Directive (MD), the Radio Equipment Directive (RED), or other directives.

If a product is not already covered by other directives, the General Product Safety Directive (GPSD) serves as a catch-all.

Easy, professional electrical safety testing

Instead of constantly running from one testing provider to another, we can handle everything for you in one place:

  • Approval planning
  • Testing
  • Technical documentation
  • Certification

Everything is handled by a single project manager – professionally, efficiently, flexibly, and cordially.

Our offerings include small, specialised workshops for particular types of products, test-it-yourself facilities supported by on-site specialists, and accredited testing services. We can also prepare a certified IECEE CB Scheme report on EMC and electrical safety.

As one of the largest technology businesses in the Nordic countries, we have multiple facilities for safety testing of electronic products where we can test your product's electrical safety in Denmark, so you can visit the location closest to your business.

How electrical safety testing works

There are two parts to FORCE Technology's accredited electrical safety tests:

  • First, we evaluate your design and documentation to ensure that all of the required materials are present.
  • Then, we conduct a detailed testing programme to determine whether your product meets the approval requirements.

How can you prepare for testing?

We start with a workshop. During the workshop, you will learn exactly what kinds of documentation you need to prepare in order to secure approval.

You will receive a checklist and testing plan to help you prepare efficiently. These materials provide an overview of what is needed to conduct an electrical safety test, such as software, supporting equipment, and design documentation.

Reports in internationally recognised formats

Accredited testing: DANAK/SWEDAC/FCC, ISED, VCCI, etc.

When you work with us, you can receive an accredited third-party testing report.

View our list of accredited standards on DANAK's website.

View our list of accreditation areas on SWEDAC's website.

These lists are constantly being expanded, including to meet specific customer requests.

CB Scheme testing

As a CB Testing Laboratory (CBTL) and CB certification organisation (NCB), we are Denmark's one and only source for CB-certified electrical safety and EMC reports.

A certified CB report is of the highest quality achievable, so you can be certain that the report will grant you access to markets in Denmark, the greater EU, and the rest of the world. In other words, this report guarantees you access to global markets.

View the list of CB standards on the IECEE's website.

MET Labs - NRTL safety mark

FORCE Technology has partnered with Eurofins MET Labs to offer access to the world's longest-standing NRTL safety mark: the MET mark.

The MET mark is based directly on our testing reports, so there is no need to seek additional testing from other providers.

We handle factory inspections in Denmark and the surrounding territories ourselves. During the inspection, you will be visited by a consultant from FORCE Technology who has insight into your particular business and product.