Certification is required as a mandatory part of certain approvals or may be requested as the ultimate proof of a product's compliance and credibility.

Approval procedures require certification by a notified body

As a stamp of credibility, many producers voluntarily opt to let their product undergo the certitication approval procedure. According to European directives and national regulations around the world, certification by a notified body may be required depending on the use of the product, properties, or applied.

Let an impartial contractor be in charge of the certification

FORCE Technology uses FORCE Certification A/S as an impartial subcontractor for certification. FORCE Certification A/S is appointed as a Notified Body (Notified Body no. 0200) for many European directives, conducting accredited certification in accordance with ISO 17065.

Get the greatest assurance for global acceptance of certificates

FORCE Certification A/S performs all certifications according to strict impartiality principles. There is a clear separation of areas of responsibility, from development at the manufacturer, testing and consultancy at FORCE Technology, and the certification at FORCE Certification A/S. This is the best possible basis for global acceptance of the certificates.

Certification of products and processes in many areas

We cooperate with qualified subcontractors to perform certification within various technologies. Get in touch to find out how we can help test and certify your particular products.

Certifications through FORCE Certification A/S

In addition to the specified links, we manage certification in a large number of other areas in collaboration with quality-conscious subcontractors.