Our extreme and special tests provide you with documentation demonstrating your product’s resistance to unusual harsh environments.

Customized tests for extreme EMC levels, temperatures, etc. 

If you develop a product that must be extraordinarily robust or reliable due to use under very high levels of electromagnetic radiation, very high, low, or fluctuating temperatures, strong vibrations, corrosive environment or the like, we will be pleased to design a customized test that meets the specific requirements of your product. You may also be interested in finding your product’s limits regarding durability in different situations, which we define the basis for together.

If you have a non-transportable fixed installation or the installation must be particularly resistant, we also design or conduct in situ special tests for the purpose. 

Why let FORCE Technology plan and conduct special tests?

We employ some of the best test designers in Denmark and we have Scandinavia’s largest supply of facilities to perform even very extreme set-ups. This includes very large temperature chambers, EMC-HALT with possibility of extreme levels, salt spray chambers, large vibrators, strong floor, temperature shock chambers and many other facilities. And some of our facilities can even test objects up to the size of a bus.

Further, we have extensive experience with customized in situ tests, examining EMC conditions in hospitals and research centres near sensitive equipment or critical medical equipment.