We are a world-leading test house for hearing aids and the only Danish company doing certification of hearing clinics.

Technical audiological measurements

We know how important it is for manufacturers that the audiological measurements are part of a complete approval process including EMC, safety, reliability, risk management, and all other parts of approval of medical equipment. Audiological tests of hearing aids as well as certification of more than 300 Danish hearing aid vendors require highly specialized knowledge. Thus, FORCE Technology's competences are requested by both the public sector, the hearing healthcare sector, the manufacturers, and universities.

For the hearing clinics it is essential that the certifying party has highly specialised personnel with practical experience with the manufacturers’ challenges.  

Why choose FORCE for certification of clinics and test of hearing aids?

To remain at the forefront of developments in the testing of technical audiological equipment, we are a member of several IEC/TC29 working groups involved in standardisation. We are involved in collaboration groups that are managed by the industry, and we share knowledge with the private and public sectors involved in hearing health care. We offer CB Scheme certified test reports according to IEC 60601-2-66 and will be pleased to manage all other aspects of the total approval of hearing aids as well.