Compliance with safety requirements is the heart of all product approvals. It is mandatory for almost any product worldwide - from consumer products and professional equipment to medical devices.

In our 'safety lab', we conduct tests in accordance with a wide range of electrical safety standards. This enables you to legally and safely introduce your product to markets worldwide.

Electrical safety test of your electronic product

As part of the electrical safety testing, we perform a wide range of general tests, for example:

  • Power input test: Measurement of power consumption compared to the actual marked rating
  • Dielectric strength test: Measurement of the electrical insulation
  • Leakage current test: Measurement of current flowing from accessible parts through the operator or patient
  • Earth continuity test: Measurement of the protective bonding to earth in class I equipment
  • Resistance to mechanical stresses: Testing the test subject's integrity against static and dynamic impacts, including load tests and drop tests
  • Temperature test: Measuring the temperature on touchable surfaces to test for burn protection 

Further, we can help you with more specific tests, such as:

  • Flammability tests in fire lab: Test of flammability class of combustible materials
  • Advanced IP testing with products of almost any size: Test of protection against liquids and foreign objects that can cause hazards
  • Tests using custom-built test stands: Shock and stress testing of equipment 
  • Advanced facilities: Dependent on product type and the applied technical standard.

All the tests and approvals you require are handled by one project manager. Furthermore, we issue IECEE CB Scheme certified reports on both EMC and electrical safety tests.

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What do the electrical safety tests involve?

Electrical safety testing consists of visual inspection of the test item, review of technical files, such as schematics and lists of components, as well as physical testing. The test item must comply with the technical standards' requirements for both documentation and physical performance.

Main points of the electrical safety tests:

  • Verification of design documents, such as critical components, insulation diagrams, fuse circuits etc.
  • Electrical tests, for example high-voltage tests and insulation tests 
  • Verification of the test subject's mechanical integrity. We conduct all the physical tests required by the standards
  • Measurement of the test subject's temperature during regular operation and under fault conditions. 

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safety lab temperature test black corner
Temperature test (black corner).
safety lab dialectric strength test
Dielectric strength test.
safety lab power input test
Power input test.
Safety lab power input test power meter
Power input test (power meter).

Testing electrical safety close to you

As one of Scandinavia’s leading technological service companies, we carry out safety tests on several locations in Denmark. This means that you can visit us near your own company location.

Accredited test house for your global market access

We are accredited by DANAK to perform testing and calibration. See our list of accredited standards on DANAK’s website.

Furthermore, we are CB Test Lab (CBTL) and CB National Certification Body (NCB) and make CB-certified reports. You can find our list of CB Scheme standards on IECEE’s website.

FORCE Technology’s safety test reports are internationally recognised and can be used everywhere. This gives you global market access as well as peace of mind.

Authorised UL testing and certification for market access in the US and Canada

It is a common misconception that only UL (Underwriters Laboratories) can certify and label products according to UL standards, thereby ensuring market access in the US and Canada. FORCE Technology has a partnership with Eurofins MET Labs, thereby offering access to the world's oldest NRTL safety mark, the MET mark.

The MET mark is based directly on our CB test reports, so there is no need for further testing elsewhere.

Expertise and integrity in electrical safety testing and certification

The partnership between FORCE Technology and MET Labs ensures a high level of competence and integrity in testing and certification. You receive precise test results, thus ensuring your product complies with the relevant requirements and safety standards for market access in the US and Canada.

We personally handle factory inspections in Denmark and nearby areas. Thus, for your semi-annual audit, you will always meet a FORCE Technology specialist with insight into your particular business and product.