Analysis and control of consumer products and materials related to these, incl. toys, fireworks, scratch cards, e-cigarettes and liquids, tobacco products, and syringes and needles.

FORCE Technology is a market leader within material technology and chemical analyses. We have some of the best specialists in chemical analyses and our equipment include some of the most advanced and modern equipment available. 

Analysis of consumer products related to fireworks, scratch tickets, toys etc. 

We perform chemical analyses of various types of consumer products and materials including:

  • Scratch tickets
    Test and analysis of scratch tickets to control the quality and not least to prevent fraud.
  • Toys
    Test and analysis of products and materials used for kids toys (must live up to specific legal requirements on substances).
  • Fireworks
    Test of fireworks and other pyrotechnical articles for Danish and foreign importers. We perform non-certified tests if you have problems with one of your products or simply want to know what a specific product is made of.
  • E-cigarettes and e-liquids
    Analysis of nicotine content and prohibited additives in e-liquids for e-cigarettes. Analysis can show whether the e-liquid complies with legal requirements for the content of chemical substances. In addition, we can analyse the vapor from e-liquids and e-cigarettes to determine if it meets the legal requirements. We conduct inspection of labeling of e-cigarettes and e-liquids, including calculation or inspection of the correct hazard labeling of e-liquids according to the CLP regulation.
  • Cigarettes, tobacco, chewing tobacco and moist snuff
    Analysis of nicotine content, tar and banned additives as well as microscopic examinations to verify plant material.
  • Syringes, needles and safety boxes
    Visual inspection, mechanical test, drop test, penetration test, migration test, and determination of change in pH values of syringes, needles, and safety boxes.
In general, we characterise and analyse for almost any inorganic and organic substances – in almost any matrix. Challenge us and let us help solving any problem you might have. 

We always offer documentation of our analyses adjusted for your needs. That might be documentation for your customers of whether a product contains harmful substances or not or documentation required by relevant authorities.  

Customized chemical analyses and consulting

If you have special needs or requirements for your analyses that are not covered with standard analyses, we offer customised analyses. We are happy to take on unusual challenges, which we convert to useable solutions in cooperation with you. 

We always offer consulting as a supplement to an analytical result. Our experienced analytical chemists, metallurgists, corrosion experts and material specialists are ready to help you. We are specialised in investigation of problems such as “what is it?” and “what went wrong and why?”. 

With their wide experience and specialised competences, our material specialists and chemists ensure that you only need one supplier.