We offer Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) testing and approval for importers, manufacturers and distributors. This allows you to ensure and document that your product meets the standards

Accredited tests ensure that your personal protective equipment meets the specifications of current standards

Personal protective equipment against chemicals is regulated by Directive 89/686/EØF, also called the PPE-directive (Personal Protective Equipment). This means that requirements are made on the safety and quality of the products. 

Thus, it must be documented that the products meet these requirements in order to undergo CE marking. All personal protective equipment must be CE marked to be marketed in the EU. 

We ensure that your product complies with current requirements so that the product may be certified. This way you avoid the product being rejected in a later certification process, which may result in delays as to when the product will enter the market.

Third party tests - also of existing products

Apart from test of new products for the market, we also test already marketed products to verify that they still comply with the requirements. Being independent of the manufacturer and the users, we are impartial, i.e. a third party.

Tailored tests ensure your documentation to the customers

Primarily, we apply performance testing of the complete equipment as well as permeation and penetration tests of the equipment, from which we determine if the barrier against chemicals is efficient.  

The chemical may pass to the person, either by diffusion through the material (permeation) or by penetrating the material via small holes or places in which the material in the equipment is not tight or leak proof.

Usually we test according to the harmonised standards in EU, but we also provide specialised tests, e.g. if you need to document that your product protects against specific chemicals. This may provide your product with a competitive streak at the market.

Years of experience ensures you a stable partner

We have had the laboratory facilities to test within this field for 30 years. We also participate in the standardisation work and the vertical groups of EU laboratories for respiratory protective devices (VG2) and protective clothing (VG5). We are accredited by DANAK (65 and 8) for most tests in the standards. 

The tests may create basis for CE marking of the product, e.g. with FORCE Certification.

Accredited partner

FORCE Technology is accredited by DANAK (65 and 8) to perform most tests required in the standards (See fact box). These tests can form the basis for an CE marking of the product from a Notified Body such as FORCE Certification.

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