The understanding of materials ability to withstand influences from the environment is increasing and crucial.

Fatigue Testing of materials and joints 

The need for understanding of materials, joints or products ability to withstand continuous influence of stresses and corrosion environment are increasing these years as designs are being more and more advanced.  

As a manufacturer, owner or authority you may wish to get this understanding in the most efficient way minimizing the time and costs during the design phase, under operation or in worth case after failure. By using our well equipped test machines operating with high as well as low frequencies we can provide you with fatigue curves within few days.

The fatigue testing may be performed by:

  • Fatigue testing with a specific load for a specific number of cycles
  • Determination of S/N-curves
  • Determination of Vöhler-curves
  • Determination by staircase method
With the advantage of having internal workshop for CNC-machining of test specimens it is ensured that the delivery time is reduced and adjusted to your wishes. 
Fatigue testing