Stay ahead of brittle fracture, crack growth or material defects.

Fracture Mechanic Testing or Fracture Toughness Testing

By using the possibilities in Fracture Mechanic Testing brittle fracture, crack growth or material defects are analyzed and most likely avoided. Huge structures require huge knowledge by engineers, designers or developers no matter if the structure is a:
  • Offshore platform
  • Wind farm
  • Oil Tank
  • Foundation onshore or offshore
  • Etc.
The most up-to-day software to analyze fracture mechanic test results is at your disposal in the mechanical laboratory. Typical Fracture Mechanic Testing provides:
  • CTOD testing (Crack Tip Opening Displacement)
  • Fracture toughness testing determine KIC or J-integral
  • Crack Growth Rate
You will not only receive a test result but our staff of Design and Stress Analysis Experts is always at your disposal to guide you or calculate consequences based on the received test results.