Testing of welds, brazings and expansion procedures is crucial in many industries of today.

Testing of welds, brazings and expansion procedures

Verification of welding, brazing or expansion procedures by testing is not only a widespread requirement from owners, authorities or contractors, but also a wish from manufacturers to rely on the safety of each performed production weld. The procedure testing is typically described in:

  • EN ISO 15614-series as WPQR (Welding Procedure Qualification Record)
  • ASME IX as PQR (Procedure Qualification Record) referring to the American Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code


  • EN ISO 13585 as BPAR (Brazing Procedure Approval Record)
  • ASME IX as BPQR (Brazing Procedure Qualification Record


  • EN 14276-1 as EPAR (Expansion Procedure Approval Record)
However, you as a manufacturer will benefit from having the possibility to fulfill your customer’s additional requirements in e.g. Offshore, Refinery, Gas and Oil and Power Plant sector by also fulfilling standards such as:
  • NORSOK M-101, M-601
  • DNV-rules OS-C101, OS-C401, OS-E101, OS-F101
  • Maersk Oil and Gas Specification MOTS 12
  • IACS unified requirement W28 for Welding Procedures
  • DONG 29-000-RB-0803
Your local laboratories including workshops for machining of test specimens are based in:


  • Broendby (Copenhagen) 
  • Esbjerg


  • Borlänge


  • Kristiansand
With the advantage of having internal workshops for machining of test specimens it is ensured that the delivery time is reduced and adjusted to your wished. Our general goal is to deliver the results of 1 to 3 standard welding procedure test(s) within 5 working days and a series of 5 tests within 8 working days. However, a fast track delivery can always be arranged in advance.

Accredited testing ensures a high quality in the testing performed and reliable results. All laboratories are accredited according to national accreditation schemes: DANAK, SWEDAC and NA (Norwegian Accreditation).