Have your materials engineering challenges met by FORCE technology. We can provide assistance in failure investigations, corrosion problems, tribology and other materials issues.  

Standardised tests and special procedures can provide documentation that your product meets current regulations and specifications for issues such as corrosion resistance, mechanical properties, release of heavy metals and other issues. This will ensure that the product life and product properties are optimised.

Many special materials tests at your disposal

We possess a large number of test facilities, where tests of components are performed according to standardised tests or as special procedures, tailor-made to your special needs. As a GTS company, FORCE Technology offers impartial testing and consultancy, and can therefore assist as third party in a dialogue between companies or between your company and the authorities.

Testing may quickly provide a result so that you find possible defects before the product is released and sent to the customer resulting in complaints, or to avoid materials problems in the future.

Standardised tests are made on many properties, for example:

  • Mechanical properties: Strength, fatigue, hardness, wear  
  • Corrosion tests: Salt chamber, weight loss, electrochemical, ASTM G48 tests
  • Chemical analyses, destructive and non-destructive
  • Creep testing 
  • Test of painting: Adhesion, thickness, gloss, rust creepage. 

Special procedures on-site or in the laboratory

In a number of situations, special tests give the best and most realistic picture of how the component will behave during operation. We perform special tests either in our facilities or on-site.

FORCE Technology can design, modify and operate test equipment in a way which is tailor made to the component.

Examples of special procedures:

  • Testing for release of heavy metal contaminants into the drinking water from taps and valves 
  • Testing for the release of heavy metals into foods
  • Corrosion measurements in marine environments
  • Full-scale special burst tests of natural gas pipes 
  • Pressure tests of pipes for the oil industry
  • Test and inspection of wind turbine blades
  • Testing of corrosion inhibitors for the oil/gas sector
  • Testing for stress corrosion cracking (SCC) under sour service (H2S)
  • Determination of boilers’ lifetime with high temperature corrosion probe. This was to allow conversion to bio fuel
  • Residual compressive strength of drill cores taken from concrete structures exposed to fire.

Test reports

If you need for us to perform a special procedure, we can provide a test report which typically contains documentation to meet your requirements for documentation or indeed the customers or other parties’ requirements.

Contact us if you want to hear more about how we can assist you with testing your components and items.