Testing of hand sanitisers and disinfectants, including disinfectants for surfaces, wipes, etc. for manufacturers, importers and distributors.

Hand sanitisers can be found as liquid, gel or foam and in various compositions. Most hand sanitiser products are alcohol-based.

If you want to manufacture, import or sell hand sanitisers or hand disinfectants for use during the COVID-19 pandemic, you must ensure that your product meets the requirements. This is necessary in order for these products to be imported and sold legally.

What requirements do hand sanitisers and disinfectants have to meet?

You should first and foremost ensure that your hand sanitiser product has a documented effect against the virus and that it does not contain substances that are unsuitable for or harmful to the user.
As a manufacturer, importer or distributor of hand sanitisers, you are responsible for ensuring that your product meets the above requirements and that the correct documentation is available.

We offer testing of hand sanitisers products, so you can be sure of the content and effect of your product and that you can document this to authorities and customers. This ensures your product access to the market.

Analysis of hand sanitisers according to recognised standards

Testing of hand sanitisers includes a quantitative determination of the content of the two alcohols most used in hand sanitisers (ethanol and propan-2-ol). Included is also a qualitative screening of the product for other ingredients. It can, for example, be substances that cause allergies or are directly harmful to the user and therefore are illegal in hand sanitisers.

In the screening, we also identify any other ingredients, and we can also offer a quantitative determination of other ingredients.

The test is performed according to FORCE Technology's method M2.191, which meets the requirements of the authorities. We compare the results from the analyses with known standards and perform the testing in accordance with ISO 17025.

Read more about this in the Danish Environmental Protection Agency’s guidelines on marketing and sales of hand sanitisers and hand disinfectants.

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