Immersion testing according to standards or customized protocols

In our corrosion testing facility, we perform a wide range of well-recognized standard test methods. Testing usually involves, weighing, exposure, and subsequent evaluation of the metal coupons. It may sound easy, but it is crucial involve our experienced corrosion engineers in planning and interpretation. 

Stainless steel alloys are frequently tested according to:

  • ASTM A262, ASTM G28, ISO 3651 intergranular corrosion (Strauss and Huey)
  • ASTM G36 stress corrosion cracking (boiling magnesium chloride solution)
  • ASTM G48, ASTM A1084, ASTM A923 pitting and crevice corrosion  
  • ISO or EN equivalent standards
  • Business specific procedures, such as NORSOK, DNVGL, SAIPEM etc. 

Other immersion tests include ASTM G31 or the UN/DOT section 37 test to qualify metals for transport of hazardous chemicals.

When there is no standard meeting your requirements, we assist you in defining a customised test. We extensive experience in designing customised test protocols, i.e. for CUI (corrosion under insulation), qualification of corrosion inhibitors, cleaning of corrosion coupons etc.