The high-pressure calibration system at FORCE Technology is unique in the world. It is built as a closed loop with low pressure loss and is able to operate at maximum pressure and flow all year round.

Unique high-pressure calibration system

FORCE Technology provides high-pressure calibration of gas flow meters with natural gas as medium at our calibration facilities located in Vejen, Denmark. The facilities include the world's largest closed loop for high-pressure calibration of natural gas meters. 

The facility is working at primary level, and generating traceability by developing the European natural gas cubic meter (EuReGa).

The calibration services performed at the facility are accredited by the Danish Accreditation Fund DANAK: 

The system

The high-pressure calibration system consists of:

  • 12” (300 mm) high-pressure closed loop for calibration of gas meters
  • 4” primary twin Piston prover system
  • 24” (600 mm) high-pressure closed loop for calibration of gas meter - the world's largest closed loop 

What makes the world's largest closed loop unique in the world?

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The design of the closed loop ensures calibration at stable flow, pressure and temperatures of gas flow meters in the pressure range between atmospheric pressure and up to 65 bar g. 
This construction allows natural gas to circulate at a pressure that can vary from atmospheric conditions to 65 bar g.
The length compensator ensures that customer meter lines are calibrated under operation conditions equivalent to the conditions on-site.
Four monitors control the meter (MUT) during the calibration in order to register differences in the reading between the monitors and the working standards. 
The parallel working standards make it possible to adjust the calibration conditions to the customer meter.
The closed loop is connected to a natural gas transmission pipeline, which allows a fast supply of gas within one hour.
After the calibration is performed, the natural gas is discharged to the grid, ensuring maximum environmental caution.
The world's largest closed loop is located in Vejen, Denmark.