More Danish companies need to reap the growth opportunities offered by IoT and digital technology. With IoT and digitalisation, companies can not only ensure Denmark remains competitive, but also pave the way for a sustainable model of a green transition.

Danish companies are not as digital as you might think

Denmark must be both a green and a digital pioneer. The climate partnerships (and before them, the growth teams) all point to IoT, sensors and other new digital technology as an essential part of the solution to a green transition. 

However, many companies, especially in the SME segment, are not very digitalised. Analysis shows that SMEs, in particular, are struggling to implement advanced digital strategies. As a result, they are not reaping the business opportunities of these technologies. The Business Promotion Board has concluded that the Danish business strengths in electronics and IT can contribute to the digitalisation of other industries. However, there is a wish for a better connection between the technological opportunities and the business value.

In the project "IoT-driven business design - digitalising businesses and society" we want to ensure that more Danish SMEs successfully develop new business designs based on the new technological opportunities that IoT represents. We wish to do so with a particular focus on supporting a green transition, either through direct development of green solutions or through resource optimisation and efficiency improvement of the manufacturing and service industries.

IoT-driven business design - digitalising businesses and society

Services, knowledge and a strengthened ecosystem to pave the way for digitalisation and a green transition

The project's ambition is to establish knowledge, services and networks that support and inspire Danish companies to make IoT an integral part of their toolbox and take full advantage of the technology's potential. In doing so, we will support Denmark in achieving the deployment potential of IoT.

In the project, we will focus on developing solutions that support a green transition, and that take the climate footprint of IoT systems into account as early as in the solutions' development phase. This will be done by developing the IoT ecosystem with a focus on sustainable deployment of IoT in businesses and society, including:

  • Develop the Nordic IoT Centre into a digital collaboration platform for IoT deployment
  • Develop sustainable, IoT-based business designs
  • Demonstrate IoT in operation in harsh environments, IoT for a green transition, and LCA and methodologies for IoT systems
  • Ensure coordination in standardisation and labelling schemes
  • Mature new technologies for future IoT systems, including 5G deployment.
IoT-driven business design - digitalising businesses and society

Services and knowledge to benefit the entire IoT ecosystem  

The primary beneficiaries of the project's knowledge, services and networks are the Danish companies - especially SMEs - that will ultimately reap the benefits of implementing IoT. However, given the project's ambition to expand and strengthen the overall IoT ecosystem in industrial IoT / Industry 4.0, insurtech and fintech, smart cities, and new digital products, there is a significantly wider target group for the project, including:

  • Suppliers of IoT-based services and products
  • Municipalities sourcing IoT capabilities from private technology platform providers
  • The state, which has a large data-sharing infrastructure.