IoT and digital technology

Industry 4.0, servitization, artificial intelligence, AI, and a smart future is based on new technology. We help create and apply new IoT and digital technologies.

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Prototype of a sensor device logging vibration data and transmitting it to receiving device via Bluetooth.

A future with IoT enabled intelligent buckets


Sjørring Maskinfabrik engaged in MADE to investigate how IoT technologies can bring value across the supply chain.

Today's so-called "wearables" include smart watches and rings — with ever-increasing numbers of sensors inside.

IoT as driver for a digital health sector


IoT will also affect our health sector. This requires focus on responsible design, safety, and reliability.

Spot image Wireless communication and industrial systems

Wireless communication and industrial systems


When using wireless communication in an industrial context, reliability is key.

Advanced real-time monitoring in supply chains


How will supply chains be monitored and overseen in the future?

User context aware technological innovation process


Glostrup Hospital achieved innovative technological solutions for their new rehabilitation centre.

How to develop IoT products in predefined IoT ecosystems

Developing IoT products


How to develop IoT products in predefined IoT ecosystems.


Using electronics as a design material


User centered design in hardware prototyping.


Smart product design


Designing for meaningfulness in future smart products.

Industry 4.0

IIoT & Industry 4.0


Overcome the barrier and get started - find out how.

Man, pregnant woman silhuette

Hardware development and designing for smart products


Designers create a device that allows someone other than the pregnant mother to follow an unborn baby's movements.

IoT sensor

Powering IoT sensors using ambient energy


Energy harvesting may solve the challenges concerning battery lifetime.

Piezoelectric generator

Vibrations power tomorrow's IoT devices


Energy harvesting from immediate surroundings may extend battery lifetime.