Digital and hybrid testing environments can make Denmark a global leader in testing

Denmark cannot become a digital, sustainable, and progressive country without also becoming a global leader in testing. Access to innovative physical and virtual testing, demonstration, and development facilities is a key ingredient for success in strengthening Denmark's ability to compete.

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Strong infrastructure for development and testing

Danish businesses must contribute solutions to major global challenges in areas like health, safety, and the climate crisis. Doing so requires strong infrastructure for testing, demonstration, and development to support innovation and development in Danish businesses. After all, new technology comes with unanswered questions, pitfalls to avoid, and opportunities. All new products, components, constructions, and technologies must be tested and demonstrated in order to document that they are safe and function as intended.
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Quicker market access

At FORCE Technology, we are working to enable Danish businesses to develop the next generation of competitive products with a shorter path to the market—and that means faster access to testing and approval. To achieve this, we are making more than 100 state-of-the-art testing facilities available to businesses so that they can receive assistance with testing, development, and product approval.

Virtual and physical testing environments: better together

We wish to improve businesses' access to the latest testing, development, and demonstration methods using hybrid test beds—virtual testing environments that complement physical testing facilities, digital twins, simulation-based testing, and product testing in real-world environments.

Hybrid testing, demonstration, and development facilities yield innovative testing methods

Here is what FORCE Technology is offering businesses to support new products on their road to the market:
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Physical and virtual facilities

Access to more than 100 physical and virtual test, development and demonstration facilities for testing, analysis, verification, approval, and development of products.
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Digital twins

Development of digital twins for design, development, and optimisation of products and processes.
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Hybrid and virtual tests

Research and development cooperation on the development of advanced physical testbeds, virtual simulation-based tests, and monitoring of products in operation.
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What is the future of hybrid test beds?
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