We offer technical guidance on EMC, wireless systems, cyber security, design challenges, robustness, reliability, and safety.

Engineering services and problem solving of the highest standard 

Technical guidance covers problem solving, debugging, technical clarification, design assistance and design consultancy on large and small products, fixed installations and construction works for EMC, reliability, and safety.

Our technical guidance draws on our many years of experience as test house while still separated from our independent approval services under the supervision of DANAK. We have some of the world’s best specialists, ensuring optimal basis for decision to solve your specific problem. 

Why use FORCE Technology for technical guidance and EMC consultancy?

At FORCE Technology we have some of Demark's best specialists within EMC, reliability, and electrical safety. We possess wide as well as in-depth experience in examination of EMC conditions in hospitals and research centres near sensitive equipment or critical medical devices, in train or air traffic, wind turbines, light rail, power stations, and electrical installations.

Complicated conditions within service life calculations, robustness and other complicated climatic or mechanical conditions is everyday life to us. We are used by regions and public authorities as Denmark’s leading consultants for the mentioned technical disciplines. Also, we solve EMC problems and other challenges on-site and offer urgent service in case of system breakdown.