Get assistance in clarification of approval requirements to ensure that your product complies with the law and can be labelled and marketed correctly.

Different product requirements on different markets

As manufacturer of equipment for different markets around the World, you will encounter a considerable number of requirements for approvals and marketing. The intended use of the product as well as technical structure matter. Is it for industrial use? Or medical use? Is it a wireless product? These factors are determining for the many, often different requirements. 

Why choose FORCE Technology for technical guidance for the approval plan?

FORCE Technology is notified body on several directives and regulations. We do accredited certification according to ISO 17065, and we are National Certification Body under IECEE CB Scheme. We participate to a great extent in standardization work and have thus participated in the writing of the requirements in many cases. This means that we have first-hand knowledge on the regulatory conditions. When receiving an approval plan from FORCE, you can rely on it!

FORCE Technology has many years of experience as Denmark’s largest all-in-one test house and supplier of approval of electronic products. We have some of the world’s best specialist with extensive knowledge. With consideration for your needs, they focus on you achieving a successful result and the necessary approvals.