Re-manufacturing can have a direct impact on your company bottom-line, salvaging damaged or worn parts and shaving off valuable lead-time.

Utilizing intelligent repair- and re-manufacturing methods, the service-time of valuable components can be extended, saving time and money. The key is advanced process and materials knowledge. The benefits are obvious.

Large-scale Additive Manufacturing

Our setup at the Lindoe facility is the pinnacle of 30 years of applied R&D within the field of laser processing, surfaces and materials. We have for a long time been at the forefront of applied laser processing, and continuously extend our services to the industry, with a track-record spanning from ploughshares to nanosatellites. 

Knowing when and where to apply hard-facing, thermal barriers or simply replacing worn-out areas is not the challenge. The application details this inherently. Knowing what to apply and how to apply it, is where our expertise comes into play. Our hardware to.

We do Big

Our facilities include a large-scale setup capable of handling parts upto 5 m in length with a width of 1 m, and a weight limit of 3 tons, size is rarely an issue. This allows for re-manufacturing of powerplant axles, train buggy pin-bolts or even pistons or turbocharger vanes for ship’s engines. But bigger is not always better, and our capabilities range downto refurbishing valve heads for truck engines, where the technology’s inherent low heat input prevents heat induced deformations.

We help you save money and time

Re-manufacturing not only improves the green profile of your company by refurbishing instead of scrapping worn or damaged components. It also saves valuable time, as we are typically able to re-manufacture your components significantly faster, than the lead-time for new components.

Our technology helps you to prolong the service-life of high-value components, and can shorten down-time while saving money, and improving the green profile of your company.