Business Consultancy and Management Systems

Management systems are a value-adding tool. We offer audit and consultancy on management systems, improvement and efficiency of internal and external processes, products, etc. as well as business development.

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Quality management

Our courses range from simple introductory courses to full five-day lead auditor training, with exams.

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Eye tracking, sensory equipment, , hospital, patient, EEG equipment,  Department of Applied Psychology, FORCE Technology

New test centre for design psychology


The test centre uses a different approach when studying user behaviour.


Ensuring efficient and safe traffic at the Baltic Sea


The EfficienSea2 project strives to make way for a more efficient, safe and sustainable traffic at the Baltic Sea with a new e-navigation platform. Our human factors experts have helped optimise the platform by analysing it from the users’ perspective through a usability test.

Vessel along

Psychometric test -  a useful tool for optimising safety


Safety awareness and behaviour is a cornerstone when operating onboard ships.


Lean tools for quality management - the key to optimisation


TextMinded Danmark have collaborated with FORCE Technology in an endeavour to achieve a higher level of quality management.

Santrol Europe management system

Santrol Europe gets a Quality Management System


With the new Quality Management System employees and management at Santrol Europe ApS have got a practical everyday management tool - although they are a small company in a large group.

Yding Grønt vegetables production

At Yding Grønt, the working environment is a high priority


A consultant from FORCE Technology has helped Yding Grønt with their working environment. Today Yding Grønt has an optimal system which benefits both management and employees.

Fiskars food contact materials

Pure contact with food


Incorrect packaging or production tools may be downright poisonous to food, the consumers and the companies. FORCE Technology ensures Danish companies’ access to knowledge on material usage.

Lundbeck pharma medico

Efficient improvement culture takes root


With assistance from FORCE Technology, Technical Operation at H. Lundbeck is successfully implementing the Kaizen improvement culture in their administration processes.

Jakob Albertsen

Nonverbal quality system leads to a very high product quality at jakob albertsen


FORCE Technology assisted Jakob Albertsen A/S with the implementation of a nonverbal quality management system. The system can be applied in the entire organisation regardles of language or educational background.

Olet industrigummi

Olet Industrigummi moves up the customer value chain


Olet Industrigummi now participates in the customers' value chain with new strategies for business development and implementation of action plans for quality and productivity. FORCE Technology has been a sparring partner during the exciting development.

Søeberg aronia berries production juice

From fruit plantation to juice production


An innovation check by FORCE Technology kicked off the juice production at Søeberg’s Fruit plantation in record time.