Mechanical testing covers a wide range of disciplines from conventional tensile testing of materials or products to advanced test methods such as Fracture Toughness Testing.

Designers, manufacturers, users or owners will often benefit from having only quality checks on mass produced materials or products into a detailed knowledge of material fracture behavior whether it is a ductile, brittle or fatigue fracture tendency.

Performing conventional test methods such as bend, tensile or impact testing will support you with documentation of material strength and ductility when manufactured, supplied or bought in order to fulfill your quality requirements as well as fulfilling the rules and regulations. 

A deeper understanding of material behavior under influence of loads – tension, compression or fatigue loads - as well as temperature is provided by fracture mechanic and fatigue testing. No matter if you hold in-house expertise in the field or not you will always benefit from working close together with our design experts.

Mechanical testing areas