World class audio testing for perfecting your product’s audio performance. SenseLab makes perceptual evaluation a natural part of the product development and benchmarking process.

SenseLab - a world leading independent lab for perceptual sound quality testing

SenseLab is a unique and independent laboratory for perceptual evaluation of audio, visual and haptic/tactile stimuli. We help clients develop products that are optimised for the expectations and needs of end-users when it comes to audio, visual and user experience evaluation.

Our facilities and expertise make it possible to carry out a broad spectrum of listening tests and sensory evaluation of hi-tech products that appeal to end-users’ hearing, vision and touch.

Our state-of-the-art facilities include a standard compliant listening room and listening booths.

SenseLab offers:

  • By-the-hour consultancy on sound quality evaluation methods and work-flow
  • Perceptual evaluation and expert listener training courses
  • Standard compliant listening tests according to ITU-T and ITU-R in our standard compliant listening room
  • Sound quality profile testing using expert listener panels
  • Marketing claim substantiation and World-wide listening tests
  • Licensed Tools for in-house perceptual sound quality validation processes – SenseLabOnline
  • Electroacoustic validation measurements.

Our clients include

  • Telecom and headsets
  • Broadcast and codec
  • Loudspeakers and headphones
  • Hearing aids
  • Automotive

Selected references

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