Institutions and Danish companies will ensure that research in photonics and sensor technology is translated into commercial success for Danish industry, contributing to the "twin transition".

Denmark's competitiveness depends on its ability to translate research into commercial success

The productivity and competitiveness of the Danish economy are mainly driven by investments in research and development (R&D) and new technology. However, international evaluations show that Denmark scores low on creating commercial value from research investments. In particular, the innovative capacity of SMEs and their investment in R&D, collaboration between companies and universities, and the number of new start-ups all pose challenges for Denmark's future ability to translate research and technology into commercial success.

Start-ups based on green and advanced technologies are especially challenged in this regard, as the path to commercial success is longer, more complex, and more capital-intensive. However, commercialisation and scaling in deep tech, and especially key technologies, is crucial if Denmark is to succeed in the "twin transition"; that is, achieving digitalisation and a green transformation at the same time.

In this project, entitled "Key technologies of the future: Advanced sensor technology systems and photonics" we wish to assist Denmark in retaining its status as a leading nation of knowledge, and as a digital and green frontrunner, as well as in obtaining optimal returns on the research conducted at Danish research institutions. This will be accomplished by supporting innovation and the commercialisation of research results in the key technologies of photonics and advanced sensor systems.

More collaboration, more innovation, and more deep tech start-ups to pave the way for the "twin transition"

The project's ambition is to ensure that Denmark is able to meet the green transition with core technologies that are necessary, but new and unknown as of yet, by improving its ability to translate research into applications in small- and medium-sized enterprises and increasing their R&D efforts. 

We will support the creation of more deep tech start-ups that successfully scale into larger companies in immature and complex markets. We will focus on the key technologies of photonics and advanced sensor technologies, where Denmark has not only a remarkable potential, but also a remarkable lag time in translating research results into new products.

Specifically, we will:

  • increase the cooperation between universities and businesses
  • support more product innovation in SMEs
  • create more deep tech start-ups and support them in scaling.

The project is anchored in the Centre for Applied Photonics, with a focus on establishing a better knowledge bridge between Danish companies, and leading Danish research environments in photonics, and the Centre for Advanced Sensor Technologies, with a focus on ensuring that mature sensor technology research results are applied at Danish companies.

Digitalisation and green transition of the Danish socieyty

Large target group for the core technologies photonics and sensor technology

The target audience for knowledge dissemination is the entire value chain of companies developing and applying photonics and sensor technologies, as well as customers, knowledge communities, and investors, including: 

  • high-tech companies, both established companies and start-ups, developing sensors and photonics-based systems 
  • SMEs using these technologies in their products and/or manufacturing, both established companies and start-ups, in the fields of transportation and manufacturing, green transition, food production, health, and medical equipment.

Knowledge communities that create knowledge bridges to companies and start-ups, including the national clusters, research centres in sensor technologies and photonics, tech-trans units at universities, and incubators and investors in deep tech start-ups.